June 14, 2012

Ten Years In A Night #poetry

“Strapped for cash”, asked the old man.
His face shrouded by the night.
“No sir , I’ve lost my way ,
no future in sight.”
Singled out in the middle
of the street , moonlight shining down.
The old man in the dark , let out a sigh,
“Don’t worry , my sweet child
things will work out in the end.”
“How do you know, if
I might ask ?”

“pull up a seat , young traveler ,
let me tell you a tale. One
that you’ll want to remember.”
I took a knee , and listened
to the truths he spoke.
The words that escaped,
gospel to my ears.
The night seemed to fade,
surrounded in a fog.
The only audience, myself
to his spoken word.
“Wayward son , worry no more.
You’ll find your true love soon.
Don’t give up and look ahead ,
everything will be revealed.”
I looked upon trying to
view , this old wise man.
In return all I sought was myself.
Staring at my twin a decade older,
a little less hair. With a wink
he became one with the night,
all was at once clear.