June 2, 2012

Gabriel: Zero Point by @SteveUmstead review #BuyIndie

Gabriel: Zero Point
Gabriel: Zero Point
Title: Gabriel: Zero Point
Author: Steve Umstead
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Format: E-book
Length: 91 pages
Price: $0.00
Rating: * * * *
Gabriel:Zero Point is a prequel novella to the Evan Gabriel Triology which can be read before or after reading the other three titles. A recruit in the elite Naval Special Forces, Evan Gabriel strives to be the head of his class and is soon chosen for a top-secret military experiment that will force him to make critical choices and a dangerous situation while coming to grips with who or what he has become.

As I have mentioned before,I'm never been a huge fan of Science Fiction and military type stories but Steve Umstead and Michael K. Rose in particular are changing my views. I hate to compare this to  movies but "Zero Point" is a mixture of "Universal Solider" and "The Bourne Identity".
Umstead's writing is clear,engaging and the characters are well defined. Action within the novella is handled and described well finding a perfect balance. As with Rose's "Sullivan's War" series the technology used in "Zero Point" is realistic and described well enough that there is no doubt how they operate. Overall "Gabriel: Zero Point" was a great read that has peaked my interest in the "Evan Gabriel Trilogy".