June 25, 2012

Abandon by @MissyFrye review #BuyIndie

Title: Abandon
Author: Missy Frye
9 Pages
Rating: * * * * 


Greta, a divorcee, is in a rut seemingly living only to work. Passion was missing from her life, and she didn't recognize it until a random encounter at a concert rekindles her long lost spark.

First time reading Missy Frye, and I'm impressed. I'm not the type that usually reads romantic type stories, but the cover and description on Amazon piqued my interests. For a short story, it's concise and entertaining; and coming in at around 11 pages on my e-reader(9 pages printed) it makes for a quick read before bed. While "Abandon" is a work of fiction, the message of the story is grounded, in reality. We all lose track of who we are sometime and realize that something is missing.

Missy Frye also has another short story ,"Fool's Journey", on Smashwords which I will be checking out shortly.


  1. Wow! Thanks for the review, Dale, and the kinds words. I'm completely blown away that you read this, as it doesn't really fit into your Horror Nerd persona. ;-) Much appreciated.

  2. True it doesn't but I'll give anything a chance and if it's good I feel the need to spread the word. Glad you like the review. Thanks!