April 11, 2012

Sullivan's War: Book II - A City Without Walls

by Michael K. Rose
Sullivan's War: Book II - A City Without Walls by Michael K. Rose

Title: Sullivan's War: Book II - A City Without Walls
Author: Michael K. Rose
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Format: E-book
Length: N/A
Price: $2.99

Rick Sullivan is committed to bringing freedom to the people of Edaline. But now, with Kate Alexander still held captive by Orion Zednik and a bounty hunter named Harvey on his trail, he has more immediate concerns. And then there is the mystery of who--or what--the entities are that inhabit the deepest recesses of hyperspace. Will these strange entities be a help or a hindrance to Sullivan as he takes advantage of a new, untested technology to accomplish his goals? And will a promise that Frank Allen made to those entities come between the two men as they find themselves increasingly caught up in one another's lives?

Rick Sullivan is back continuing his journey to free the planet of Edaline from an oppressive government. Freeing his home planet isn't the only thing on his mind, as Sullivan must track down Kate Alexander and her kidnapper Orion Zednik. Through his trek and tribulations Mr. Sullivan, pursued by bounty hunter Harvey doing his best to bring him in, continues forward with his plan. With the help of past acquaintances can he rise up and rebel against the government he once worked for?

Sullivan's War Book II: A City Without Walls is continues Michael K. Rose's Sci-fi saga following Rick Sullivan on his crusade to save his home planet. It raises the stakes with action, espionage, and realistic sci-fi technology.