April 24, 2011

The Lady Killer

Marilyn waits impatiently in the darkened living room.Cigarette smoke blooms out with each exhale.Her anger increasing as the hours pass and deep down she fears the worst.For months now, Bill has not been himself.Coming home hours past midnight and the sex, well it was missing way before this. At first she suspected an affair, but none of the other signs were present. it was after the third murder that she figured out what was occupying him.
The first murder happened on April 10th. A young woman who worked in Bill's office. Blond, in her twenties, with a small frame and stature was found gutted and hanging from a light pole in front of her house.Authorities promised the killer would be found but evidence and witnesses have not been found.
To Marilyn it was clear, Bill knew the victims and couple that with his strange behavior. He was the killer for that she was certain. At a quarter past three, car lights show illuminating the darkened room. Taking a long drag on the cigarette, she finishes it off and pushes the filter deep into the ash tray. The door handle wiggles then turns once before Bill pushes his way through the entrance. Briefcase in hand, he turns to close the door when his wife startles him. A loose tie and disheveled hair, he looked like hell.

Marilyn stands turning on the light to greet her late husband. "Where the hell have you been? "

He squints from the brightness of the overhead light. :What are you talking about? I have been at work, making a living! Why ? What is going on? " Bill drops his briefcase and begins to walk toward his concerned wife.

Reaching down and grabbing her cigarette pack from the coffee table she hurls the pack toward him. The pack finds the mark hitting him in the forehead. " Do not give me that shit , William! ", fighting back the tears she collapses on to the couch. "I know you killed those women. It all fits. I thought you loved me? "

With a look of bewilderment Bill slides next to his wife on the couch and brushes the hair away from her eyes. "You are talking about the serial killer? Baby it is not me! I can not even kill a moth and you know that. Plus authorities caught the sick bastard today. it has been on the news all day, have you been watching? "

Tears flowing now Marilyn's features go slack as she digests what Bill just said. Not the gullible type, her nostrils flare and her breathing quickens. "Of course, I have watched it; can you not tell? " She points to the television.

He follows her gaze toward the television and convulses in laughter.

Not amused by his antics she clenches her fists in anger " Why are you laughing? "

Repositioning himself on the cough Bill takes a moment to catch his breath. " That is a recording of yesterdays news broadcast. I set it to record and forgot to cancel it before I left for work. "

In shock Marilyn slumps and the muscles in her face relax. " So all this broadcast was from yesterday and you are not the killer ? Why have you been acting so weird? "

Bill places his hand on his forehead and brushes back his hair. His eyes now piercing and no signs of laughter. " Well honestly darling, I'm fucking Marcia, my assistant.