January 15, 2009

A Tiny Miracle

The birth of
a unique story.
Tiny is more than a
backseat delivery
surrounded by storms.
No bigger than mouse,
when he came out.
He’s an oddity
in a gray world.
Father didn’t care
mother was ejected.
Tiny was discarded,
cord cut,quickly wrapped.
Thunder rolled
muting his squeaks.
Luckily for Tiny
his minuscule cries
were heard by me.

I’m a big-hearten woman
doing my part
in this cold
hard world.
fighting injustices
as I see them.
Lifting Tiny
from the littered ground.
I shed tears of hatred.
Gazing down,
filled with glee
as little bitty Tiny
winked at me.

That faith filled
night,twenty years ago.
I held Tiny in my hand
his survival my priority.
His singular response,
no words or screams.
one solitary wink.
With that blink,
two gifts I received.
A message from above.
Tiny,a gift from God,
neglected by hatred
and fear of the unknown.
He died that night,
in my hand.
The Holy glimmer
had left.
The other gift,
a joyous one indeed
was born in 1993.
Thanks to Tiny,
I gave birth,to
my son,
Timothy “Tiny” Curltz.