September 26, 2014

Terror Train by @WesJThomas

Terror Train: A Collection Of Short Horror Tales

Author: Wesley Thomas
Length: 103 pages

Terror Train

“Terror Train” is a short story collection from Author Westley Thomas. This collection features six stories that reveal more of the author’s twisted visions.

Author Wesley Thomas has a knack for pulling the reader into his stories, only to rip you open at the end with his twisted visions and macabre plots. “Terror Train” features six stories each bringing the reader close to madness.

Two of my favorites from this collection are:

“The Miracle of Death” - A brother and sister struggle to survive during the apocalypse. With survival within their grasp, they discover that fate has something else in store for the siblings.
‘Wesley Thomas is an author with a great vision and many stories to frighten his readers. Beware though, he’s a sadistic spider in disguise luring readers into his web of delicious, horrific, and sometimes down right brutal fiction. Consider me tangled in his web of horror, I’m waiting and willing to become spider food’
“A Valentine’s Horror” - While this is a shorter piece of fiction, I found it to be refreshing, devilish, and down right brilliant.

If you like your horror in short doses, then “Terror Train” is for you. It’s not about quantity but quality and Mr. Thomas has talent in spades.

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