April 1, 2014

Anoxic Zone by John G Rees @blackwaterbooks

Anoxic Zone

Author: John G Rees
Publisher: BlackWater Books
Anoxic Zone
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The Earth is falling apart and the treasures from humanity’s past sits deep in the ocean. Megacorp controls everything that remains for their own capitalistic means.
Extracting the relics of the industrial age is their goal, but it comes with dangers. In an effort to protect themselves and increase their findings, Megacorp uses what they call ‘Reusables” to retrieve the valuable sunken goods.

The first in a series “Anoxic Zone” focuses on ‘reusables’, Jake and Johnny. The greedy corporation uses Jake and his kind to salvage the treasures because they do not need oxygen.

Yes this is a vampire story.

It’s true. I’ve grown tired of vampires ever since the bullshit that was “Twilight”. The vamps in “Anoxic Zone” don’t sparkle, but they do rock. To his credit, the author has taken vampires and placed them in a refreshing setting while avoiding some pitfalls of other vampy tales.

Others feel that the writing is disjointed and hard to follow, but I had no such problems. Guess it’s all down to preference. I haven’t read the other titles in the series but if the quality of this tale carries over to the others, then they will be a must read.

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