October 9, 2013

Chindi #Short Fiction

This is a piece of short fiction that I have entered into The Cult of Me's October Short Fiction Contest


Darkness. Hands grope for others in sweaty anticipation. Dressed in black sweatpants and shirts, twelve recruits follow their mistress around a huge relic of times past.

The oak tree towers above them, lit only by the winter moon. The mysterious leader stands behind the twelve as they circle the tree; hands entwined.

"Gather around children. Grandfather doesn't like waiting.", the order sounded like a suggestion but everyone knew she meant business. Pacing behind each one she observes her kids. A mixture of races and sex, they all volunteered to join, but only one would be lucky enough to awake grandfather.

"You all know the drill. Let the great one have a taste and he will choose the righteous.", Mistress continues her walk and inspection. The recruits remove knives from their pockets. A quick slash opens a small wound on the palm of their hands.

"Let the blood flow. may he taste you and rejoice!", Blood pours from the twelve wounds seeping into the tree roots. Branches become erect and leaves sprout. Mistress's eyes widen in excitement as the tree is slowly being renewed.

"Yes! Grandfather, we have not forsaken you. Show us the way, so we shall cull the herd!", The mousy blonde to the right screams as a tree root wraps around her leg.

"You are chosen, Debra. Thank you for the sacrifice, child. Your deed will not go unnoticed.", Mistress moves around the herd and faces the blonde. Staring intently at the recruit, she leans in and kisses her forehead.

"Blessed be the sacrifice that replenishes he.", she whispers before stepping away from the girl. "Cull the herd, children. Make him proud!"

The other eleven recruits surround the woman with knives drawn. A surge of adrenaline ripples through the group as they hack and slash, each getting their pound of flesh. The mutilated corpse of mousy slumps to the ground as the roots of Grandfather cover the body dragging it deep into the earth.

Claps of thunder bellow from a distance sending Mistress and the others to their knees. Eyes rising they watch as the tree ascends higher into the night sky.

"Blessed be Grandfather, for soon you will embrace heaven, your true resting place."