September 12, 2013

Abra-Cadaver by @MattDrabble01 Virtual Book Tour

Abra-Cadaver by Matt Drabble Virtual Book Tour
Abra-Cadaver by Matt Drabble Virtual Book Tour

From the author of "Gated" a UK Amazon Horror Chart #4 bestseller and "Asylum - 13 Tales of Terror" a UK & US Amazon Horror/Anthology Chart #1
Abra-Cadaver by Matt Drabble
"Abra-Cadaver" by Matt Drabble book Cover

Book Synopsis:
Tommy, Dixon, McEwen, PJ, and Alison were always a close knit group until Tommy’s 12th birthday party. Tragedy strikes when a magic trick goes horribly wrong and a woman lays dead. A local magician Albert Trotter is railroaded during a rigged trial and locked away. Forever protesting his innocence and after a vicious assault in prison, he is eventually sent to a mental institution in a catatonic state. Now Tommy is 36 and heading home for the first time in over two decades, but he’s not alone. Someone is slaughtering the residents of Denver Mills with magic trick themed murders and holding those involved with the Trotter trial in a steely grip of fear. Tommy will have to find the strength to bring his old friends together as secrets and lies are exposed throughout the small town of Denver Mills. Something evil is coming home, and they’re bringing a whole new bag of tricks.

"Abra-Cadaver" Book Trailer

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I also broke into Amazon's top 100 Horror Writers last week at #99 albeit only for an afternoon as the chart is updated hourly and I leapfrogged Clive Barker for a short while which seemed bizarre.

2013 has been a breakthrough year for me so far as I have been self-publishing for a little over a year now and I have started making a living this year with book sales of well over 11,000 so far. Which seems pretty huge for someone with no literary educational background and in a worldwide self-publishing market which is so massive and competitive. FACEBOOK|TWITTER|WEBSITE
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