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Title: Bigass Squirrels
Author: Patrick MacAdoo
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Format: E-book
Length: 190 pages
Price: $1.99

In a small Illinois town, monstrous squirrels  lurk attacking the unaware citizens. Larry, a small time pot dealer, is new in town and soon he discovers the menacing creatures; but who will believe a drug dealer?

"Bigass Squirrels" is a fun read that keeps the pace throughout. In the copy I read, there were a few spelling errors, but nothing that made it chore to read.

The author mixes humor, sex, drugs, and violence into a perfect blend. Children shouldn't read this though as it's very adult oriented material.

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About the author

HorrorNerd is all encompassing.His hands are into everything. No matter how hard he tries, he cannot stop himself from embracing the creative vibes that surround us all. Oh yeah! He's also a huge fan of all things horror.

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