August 30, 2013

In Hell by @LMarshallJames

In Hell by L Marshall James
Title: In Hell
Author: L. Marshall James
Format: E-book
Length: 245 pages
Price: $3.95

When Paul first hears of the South American flu, he disregards it as just another health scare on par with swine or bird flu. However, when news reports show video footage of large-scale riots and unprecedented violence, he knows that something is wrong. As the outbreak hits home, Paul is forced to confront the realities of the world around him, as well as the fact that he wasn't as prepared as he thought.

In daydreams, he had envisioned himself fighting through the chaos and horror of the zombie apocalypse to emerge unscathed among the ashes. He thought he’d be a hero who saved the good, destroyed the evil, and rebuilt what was left of the world into something better than it was before.

He was wrong. There are no heroes In Hell.

Being a first time reader of the author, I came in expecting a generic zombie filled apocalyptic read, but what I got was a gut-wrenching tale filled with emotion and brilliant characters.

Paul is a normal guy that loves preparing for a zombie apocalypse that he knows will never happen. The character of Paul could be me. I often think what would i do if zombies roamed the earth; preparing scenarios of securing food water,weapons and a means of escape. Granted I don't delve deeper into it as the character does, but still the similarities are there.

I will not  divulge much more of the plot. "In Hell" is a novel readers must experience for themselves. Prepare yourself for the pinnacle of post apocalyptic fiction filled with realistic characters and gritty action splattered with drama.

If I could rate it higher I would. This is the ultimate read for zombie and post apocalyptic fans.