November 28, 2012

A Demon Lies Within by @TonyHub #BuyIndie

A Demon Lies Within
Title: A Demon Lies Within
Author: Tony Hubbard
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Format: Paperback
Publisher: Two Harbor Press
Length: 412 pages
Price: $15.95
5 Skulls

Soon after being murdered, Andrew finds himself in hell. There the demon master Sonneillon takes him under his wing and shows him the depths of his evil powers. With his newly acquired abilities, Andrew is determined to seek revenge on his wife and any others that dare get in his way.

Mr. Hubbard's debut novel is grotesque, chilling, and enjoyable with the perfect blend of suspense, action, and horror. A few chapters during the middle dragged on and some of Joshua's actions left me befuddled but by the end of the book all was forgiving.

Is "A Demon Lies Within" perfect? No, but it is enjoyable and well worth the purchase if you love horror and or tales dealing with demon or possession.

*This review was supposed to be posted on November 22nd, part of the 'A Demon Lies Within Book Tour' via JKSCommunications but due to circumstances out of my control I could not get it posted on time.*