July 1, 2012

Grace(2009) review

Cover of "Grace"
Cover of Grace
Writer/Director: Paul Solet
Genre: Horror
Year of Release: 2009
Starring: Jordan Ladd(Madeline Matheson)|Stephen Park(Michael Matheson)

The Matheson's are jubilant parents to be as Madeline is expecting her first child Grace. A car accident kills the unborn child but Madeline decides to carry the dead baby to term. To everyone's amazement, upon delivery Grace is resurrected with one hell of an appetite.

I’m an avid horror movie fan. Any film that is bloody,scary,creepy,or just plain twisted is my cup of tea so to speak. In my years of viewing horror movies I have only found one film that strikes a nerve forcing me to look away,until now.The first film was none other than the Exorcist, which I have only watched once all the way through.

The other film is the basis of this review, Grace.

Grace is not as intense like the Exorcist but most of the movie had me cringing and looking away slowly before quickly returning my eyes back to the screen.The movie isn’t perfect though as I find it tends to drag to a halt in some areas.There’s not enough blood for my tastes but it’s the context of the scenes in which it is present that really notches up the creep factor for me.

Bottom line: It's watchable but if I would rather watch It's Alive(1974)a superior killer baby movie.


  1. The Exorcist totally freaked me out. I've seen it twice and both times it was difficult to watch. Why do we put ourselves through that?

    As for blood and gore, I can take it or leave it. I loved Anatomie http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0187696/ (a German film) and recommend you watch it if you haven't yet. The movies that really get me are bout possession, demons and ghosts. In the right hands, this kind of material scares the shit out of me.

    There are a couple creepy movies set to come out this fall that look interesting. I'm particularly interested in seeing The Possession http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0431021/. Saw the previews for it last night and it looks super creepy.

  2. What I like about the gore is not the nastiness of it all I look in awe how the make up artists can use simply tools to create stunning effects.

    If the story is good, I could care less about blood and gore, heck some movies are better without it lol

    The Exorcist is a great film that has aged well.

    I will have to give Anatomie a watch sounds interesting. I prefer ghost movies myself but the selection of good paranormal/supernatural movies are slim pickings.

  3. You'll love Anotomie. It's amazing what the effects folks did. Can't say much more than that or it will give away part of the movie.

    The thing with paranormal/supernatural movies is that they've been done to death. No pun intended. If someone comes up with something unique, everybody gets on the bandwagon and uses it until it's not interesting anymore.

    The reason the trailer for The Possession interested me was that Judaism is featured in the film. They usually make all possession films using the Catholic Church. This is something different.