May 29, 2012

Candy by @GeraldRice review #BuyIndie

Title: Candy
Author: Gerald Rice
Format: E-book
Length: 25 pages
Price: $0.99
Rating: * * * * *


Two short stories in one. In "Candy"  a man in a failing marriage is approached by a woman with the urge to have sex. Torn between his wife and this lustful woman he must make a choice. Should you have a taste of Candy? His decision leads him into a situation he could never have  fathomed. "Mr. Cumberland's Last Magic Show" tells the tale of a man with a true gift. He knows true magic and his upcoming show will take a turn for the worse. He will have to use his power more than he ever has to save save the world.

This collection reminded me of "The Twilight Zone" in so many ways. From the surreal twist in "Candy"  to the magical changes that occur in "Mr. Cumberland's Last Magic Show". Like most of Gerald Rice stories things start off normal but quickly it ramps up and you're taken into the surreal,magical,or horrifying spin."Candy" was my favorite out of the two and with both being short this collection makes for a quick read.