December 10, 2011

Sleep: A Short Story by Michael K. Rose

Sleep: A Short Story by Michael K. Rose

Title: Sleep: A Short Story
Author: Michael K. Rose
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Format: E-book
Length: 2,500 words/10 pages
Price: $0.99
Rating: * * * * *

Jane, a freight pilot, has done the unthinkable. She has committed murder during a run from planet Silvanus and Faris. Now along with the job of checking the ship’s systems, she must cover up her actions. All she want’s to do though is sleep but sometimes that’s easier said than done.

Sleep is a wonderful foray into the science fiction/psychological horror genre. A few pages in, I was hooked and didn’t stop until finished. Throughout the story I couldn’t help but be reminded by Poe’s “A Tell-Tale Heart”.

My only problem with the story is that I want more. Do yourself a favor and take time to read “Sleep” by Michael K. Rose.   “Sleep” is like a gateway drug for me and will only lead me to reading Rose’s other works.