November 30, 2008

The Melancholy Green Saga

Melancholy Greene’s Welcoming

contractions throttle
wheels greet gravel
eager to live.
screeching tires,whine

accidental disaster,
tragedy bears miracles
heaven descends,tears
deliver Melancholy.

Melancholy Greene’s Coma
On some far away beach
somber reptiles scurry
among fields of crystal,rocks
steal away.
Everything merges with the night
come with us,
where we live
a mountain of needles
in a clearing under the stars.
We’ll dance like Organza,to first light
a juju space jazz.
A silver morning beckons,
a deep blue day
white mustangs drift
through another green world
hazards,strange lights,
a different kind of blue,
mustangs fall by this river.
What actually happened?
left where they fell,
lays united colors
driving me backwards,
back into Judy’s jungle of
Events in dense fog,
not yet remembered
everything merges with the night.